Playstation 5 Event Predictions & Desires

The Playstation 5 has already been revealed in peeks and scraps over the last few months, but on June 4th Sony are hosting an event which I think we can safely assume is analogous to previous console reveal events. And seeing as we’re not having an E3 this year, I figured we’ll focus our yearly predictions thread here instead. Plus, while I may have spread my focus to include PC, Switch, and to a lesser extent Xbox games (via PC Game Pass) in recent years, I was brought up on Playstations and I doubt I’ll ever be able to think of gaming history outside the context of what Playstation console was current at the time.

To give some context for future readers, here’s what we already know about the PS5:

  • It’s got a super duper SSD which loads Marvel’s Spider-Man pretty much instantly
  • The controller is called the DualSense, and it’s an aesthetic nightmare
  • It’s releasing holiday 2020
  • It has a renewed focus on backwards compatibility

And here’s what Sony has to say about their upcoming event:

There are few things as exciting as the launch of a new console. While this road to launch has been a bit…different, we are as thrilled as ever to bring you with us on this journey to redefine the future of videogames.

We’ve shared technical specifications and shown you the new DualSense wireless controller. But what is a launch without games?

This is part of our series of PS5 updates and, rest assured, after next week’s showcase, we will still have much to share with you.

So it’s focused on games, but the promo image shows a DualSense controller which looks to be an all-black version, and if that’s the case: THANK YOU. But also, one prediction on this presentation besides games: there’s no way this ends without us knowing what the damn console looks like. I’m hoping that includes the home screen, too – I love a good home screen reveal!

And now, onto the games, in order of whatever came into my mind first.

A New Ratchet and Clank

Likelihood: Decently likely? Insomniac confirmed the series has a future, and it’s been a while

What’s a Playstation without a Ratchet and Clank game? The Playstation One, that’s what, and we don’t want the Playstation One. We want the Playstation 5! We want to smash open crates and suck up little bundles of bolts and here the little tingle-clanging sound that signals instant gratification. We want to discover, upgrade and fire new absurdly powerful – and just plain absurd – weaponry at a fun array of alien and mechanical baddies. We want to slingshot across oceans of lava and acid and bottomless pits.

I would also accept the ability to play the older titles on the newer system via whatever their backwards compatibility solution is. I’m a little Ratchet and Clank starved right now.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Likelihood: More likely than a new Ratchet and Clank! I would not blame Insomniac for this. Plus, they used the first game to demonstrate the PS5 SSD.

Marvel’s Spider-Man convinced me to buy a PS4. (Alongside Spyro Re-Ignited.) I’ve discussed it here before, but it’s the perfect storm of a fantastic game made by some of my favourite devs in one of my favourite fictional worlds, based on one of my favourite superheroes. I’m still amazed that it exists. It feels like it was made for me! And Insomniac have not been shy in hinting at a sequel. For this one, it’s less a matter of if and more a matter of when. If we don’t see it in this presentation, I have no doubt it’ll be on the way regardless.

A New, Original Crash Bandicoot

Likelihood: There’s demand for it, but I’d be more concerned with the likelihood of it being good

Vicarious Visions developed the fantastic N.Sane trilogy remake of the original Crash Bandicoot games, and then Beenox followed it up with an absolutely superb remake of Crash Team Racing. Crash is more relevant than ever, and Activision love money. The concern is that… well, Activision love money, not Crash Bandicoot. Creating a new Crash Bandicoot game is a considerably larger undertaking than recreating an old one, and Activision is not the company to put your faith in regarding the choice between putting the time in to make a good game or rushing a cash-grab.

Also, this wouldn’t be an exclusive, but I can see them marketing it towards PS5 consumers given the series’ history!

A New, Original Spyro the Dragon

See above.

God of War: Ragnarok

Likelihood: I mean… it’s the poster boy for Sony exclusives, and for good reason. I’d be surprised if this wasn’t present

Without giving spoilers, PS4’s God of War absolutely leads into a sequel. We’re not done with that world or that story. I can say with a decent level of confidence that we’ll be seeing Dad and Boi again on PS5, possibly sooner rather than later, and as someone who has only just played the PS4 game and is now playing the PS2 originals, I say: GIVE IT TO ME.

Horizon: Zero Dawn 2

Likelihood: They recently “continued” the story in external media, so maybe not as likely as everyone thinks?

Then again, maybe it’ll be a time-skip deal; maybe the recent port to PC is a long-play to drive customers towards PS5 for a sequel. I’ve never played the original. I own it, but I try to clear my gaming schedule for a large-scale RPG like this. Either way, a sequel would please a lot of people, and the hype would probably push me towards trying the first game.


Likelihood: Almost certain. Yay?

What is this game.

The initial trailer at the Game Awards did excite me, but on further reflection it does have the aura of a launch title that has lots of swagger and press, but is hardly talked about a few years from now. Hopefully that’s not the case though, as it looks epic.

The typical iterations.

Likelihood: Crushingly inevitable.

A new FIFA. A new Madden. The next Call of Duty. The next Need for Speed. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I don’t know if EA are doing an event this year, but they like to double dip, so I wouldn’t put it past them to show up in the PS5 presentation.

It’s an hour long. There’s going to be a drawn out sports game segment.

Everything likely that I’m not specifically excited for

  • The Last of Us Part II
  • Gran Turismo 7 / Sport 2
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • Days Gone 2? For some reason?
  • A new Killzone or something that we forgot existed

Everything old is new again

Hey, look at how well all of your PS4 games run on the PS5!! You never have to worry about New Console Game Draught again. It’s all already here! And enhanced! And look at Playstation Now running PS3 games on this system!! Technically it’s no different but we’re going to remind you about this service anyway!!! And hopefully details on improvements for it because it is legitimately exciting, I’ve been trialling it lately.


Likelihood: Confirmed to exist, but is it important enough to be a launch peripheral?

The PSVR2 is going to happen, and it’s going to make use of PS5’s hardware to be better than its predecessor. But is it slated for launch? Either way, I won’t be able to afford it. That being said, I believe they said something about PSVR1 performing better with PS5, too, so that’s exciting.

All this, and more!

Okay, not “all this”. Especially regarding that quote that warns we’ll have more news leading up to launch. This isn’t a one-and-done presentation, much like Xbox’s presentation (although I’m yet to see anything since that first one that’s turned my head). I imagine there will be a new IP or two that are impossible to predict, maybe a surprise port or remake.

Point is, I’m excited to see what they reveal on June 4th. I doubt I’ll own a PS5 within the first year of its existence, but it’s always fun to see what’s coming and where series are going. And… hell, I just love these reveal events. I know there’s a lot of cynicism regarding events like E3, but I always came out of those excited for at least a few games, so I was sad to see it die. Hopefully events like these will be a suitable replacement.

Very Definitely Absolutely Accurate and Correct BlizzCon 2019 Predictions

Firstly, since I haven’t addressed it here: Blizzard, your entire handling of the Blitzchung situation sucked. You stalwartly followed ambiguous rules in a context which would stifle free speech, and the statement you put out afterwards simply wasn’t enough to make amends. A lot of people want Brack to open BlizzCon with some further acknowledgement of the situation, and while I agree it would be nice, I can’t help but feel they’ll see this year’s major BlizzCon news as a method of burying the story. I hope I’m wrong with that prediction.

Still love their games though, and this year’s shaping up to be a doozy, so on with the predictions!

World of Warcraft

It’s expansion announcement year, and you know what that means!

Blizzard have announced patch 8.3, named Visions of N’Zoth. Very Old God themed. But I’m not convinced that this leads us into an Old God expansion, the way Warlords of Draenor’s Hellfire Citadel raid led us into Legion. As someone who follows the story closely and follows community speculation, I’d hazard a guess that the next expansion is going to focus on the Shadowlands and exploring the one universal force we know the least about: death. And lest we forget, Sylvanas refers to Death as in Capital D Death at the end of 8.2.5. Even if it’s not the next expansion, Blizzard are clearly building something here.

I imagine that a Shadowlands expansion will have story revolving around Bolvar Fordragon as the Lich King, whatever’s going on with Bwomsandi and Vol’jin (I’ve yet to finish levelling a Hordey), and, as some have astutely observed, Mueh’zala, the possible identity of Death itself. I think that as a secondary plot we’ll have the promised fracture in the Alliance, with Tyrande and Genn, and their respective Night Elves and Worgen, acting on their increasing distaste with the way Anduin avoided avenging Teldrassil.

Gameplay wise? Okay, so the Shadowlands leak has essentially been proven false by 8.2.5 and 8.3, but I would love for the Ancient Greece inspired zone part of it to be true. Besides that, I think it’s fairly obvious we’re getting Tinkers. Given the death theme, though, Blizzard could always surprise us with a second class with Necromancers. I’d love for the Allied Race system to continue past BFA, and seeing as Blizzard have acknowledged that it’s not always wise keep an expansion’s systems purely to its respective expansion, I’m fairly confident it will. As for the Artifact system… I simply have no idea. I hope the Heart of Azeroth is going away and that itemisation is having a big re-design, but I don’t know that I can see them moving away from a system like that after two expansions of experimenting with it.

Wild card time! I think Blizzard are going to unveil a new solo experience in this expansion. In 8.3 they’re introducing the solo-able Visions of N’Zoth instances, and typically with Blizzard you’ll see that their final patch introduces a game mechanic as a sort of precursor to what they’ll use it for in the next expansion. I can see them looking to Diablo’s Greater Rifts as inspiration, and as a mostly solo player myself, I would love to see them pull it off in… title time… Call of the Shadowlands?

Diablo 4

Almost a certainty at this point.

Everyone is calling on Blizzard to not use their modern cartoony art style for this game, but here’s what it’ll be. It’ll be dark, and gloomy, but not in a grimdark fashion; characters will have cartoonish styles and proportions with a bleak overcoat as a general aesthetic. Look at Overwatch’s Halloween skins – something like that. And I think people are going to hate that. Not sure I’d be too fussed.

It’ll be a Game as a Service, ala Path of Exile. Whereas in Diablo 3 you have five bounties per zone that you can reset by exiting your game session and starting new, Diablo 4 will tie that to a real-time refresh. Hubs like New Tristram and Caldeum will become multiplayer lobbies, similar to the Tower in Destiny 2, in order to encourage players dressing up in store-bought cosmetics to basically advertise to other players. But I’m not presenting that in a necessarily cynical fashion; I think cosmetic microtransactions in Diablo 4 are almost a certainty, but that they’ll be handled fairly responsibly. Who knows, this might see Blizzard fully adopt the battle pass strategy for the first time.

As for the story… it’s been some time since I even played Diablo 3’s story through. I remember wondering where they could possibly go from there, since Diablo’s lore doesn’t seem nearly as expansive as Warcraft’s or Overwatch’s. But then, I never played the first two games. I could see them pulling a Torchlight 2 and having Diablo 3’s nephalem turn evil and lose themselves to corruption; there was a lot of talk during Reaper of Souls about how frighteningly powerful you had become and, at least from the Wizard’s point of view, it sounded as if your character was losing hope in any kind of peaceful resolution for Sanctuary.

Also Diablo got loose again, so there’s that.


Overwatch 2: Electric Boogaloo

It can’t be a new PvP game, right? Overwatch, to me, always seemed like the kind of game which got update in real time rather than sequels to fix balancing issues and introduce new characters and story. So the Kotaku report about an Overwatch 2 took me – and, I assume, most others – completely by surprise. Even the title “Overwatch 2” sounds dumb. It’s like saying World of Warcraft 2. No, it’s far more likely that this will be a PvE focused game. The question is, what kind of PvE?

I think the easiest Overwatch PvE spinoff Blizzard could make would be a 4 player co-op shooter in the vein on Left 4 Dead, where players run missions which reveal story and lore from both Overwatch and Talon’s perspectives. Maybe some Blackwatch stuff in there too. The game could function as a way to fill out story moments from the past and present eras in that universe, and move the narrative forwards. It sounds like a solid idea… the only problem is, I don’t know that I’d want that as a game. It’d be an awesome addition to Overwatch 1, but not necessarily a game in its own right.

The general best case scenario that I’ve heard would be a Destiny style Overwatch game, where you having sandbox locations and a campaign to complete, and general seasonal things to do. And that sounds amazing, but I just can’t see how you’d make that as an Overwatch game. Do you play as the first game’s characters? Find new Rocket Launchers for Pharah? Re-spec so that Soldier 76’s healing circle instead buffs weapon damage? Or do you play as your own character? Pick up randomised weapons? How does that even work with Overwatch’s design? What does the story in a world like that even look like?

Nope. No concrete predictions here. I’m completely flummoxed.

Of course, everyone’s taking that Kotaku report as confirmation that it’ll even be announced this BlizzCon…


And You Can Play It… Right… Now! And Mobile Projects

Diablo Immortal, and let’s not spend more than 3 minutes on it.

Warcraft 3 Reforged, because boy is that overdue.

By the way, Warcraft 3 Reforged and the upcoming Diablo 2 remaster will be available on mobile!

We’re making a mobile Lost Vikings game!

(These are predictions, not necessarily personal wishes.)


Wild Card

There’s a few unannounced panels outside of the obvious ones, and a couple of people have been murmuring about a new IP, but I don’t think they’ve had time for that. Instead…

What if they made a new Warcraft game out of the engine and partially the assets that were used in the making of Warcraft 3 Reforged? What if the reason for the delay with that game is because they spent extra development time securing a more malleable engine for future projects?

Obviously they can’t make Warcraft 4 seeing as the MMO took over the story, but what if they made a Warcraft spinoff exploring, say, the war between the Pandaren and the Mogu thousands of years ago? Or the Humans and the High Elves vs the Troll tribes in the Arathi Highlands? (Wait, was that already in a Warcraft game? I’ve never played the Warcraft games.) It could always be a mobile game… but I hope not.

And that’s about all I’ve got. Hearthstone will probably have a new year and a new expansion but I don’t really follow that. And Heroes of the Storm already announced Deathwing just the other day, which was a little weird to do outside of BlizzCon.

But… yeah. This year is shaping up to be a big one. I’ll probably write another blog post when it’s all been announced.

My E3 Wishlist 2019

It’s that wonderful time of year again, when videogames are announced, gameplay is shown, and the words “no loot boxes” are plastered across oversized displays as if it wasn’t being stated by the very same people who popularised the money-making scheme in the first place. This is the blog post I use to predict and mostly just live in hope, and if last year’s post is any indication, I’ll get about half of it right. Keep in mind that this is based largely off of what I personally want to see and not stuff that I’ve done buckets of research into, though I do follow gaming news enough to know of some things already are or are not appearing at the show.

I’m currently clicking on every gameplay video I see of Super Mario Maker 2, World of Warcraft Classic, and Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuelled, so I’m more than happy for some new announcements to come out of the blue and give me something else to focus on while I twiddle my thumbs for those titles.

Just so we’re clear, I’m considering ‘E3’ to comprise of all gaming announcement related shows and streams taking place during this time period, such as EA Play and Nintendo Direct, although I’ve been reading that Sony won’t be doing any adjacent E3 stuff at all. They did just drop a gameplay trailer for Death Stranding though, so I’m going to go ahead and guess that we’ll see a Playstation Direct I mean uhhhhh State of Play livestream in the week before or after E3.

The Sony Playstation

Likelihood: Well, they’ve been leaking details about the Playstation 5 for a while now…

The PS5! It’s a bold prediction I’m coming out of the gates with, but the next generation of consoles looms upon us. But I don’t think it’s actually going to be called the PS5. As much as I loathe modern naming conventions that go against traditional numbering systems, the idea of a ‘Playstation 5’ might seem a little long in the tooth to some marketing-minded manager types. Not just that, but the rise of game streaming services threatens to make actual hardware obsolete. I’m not a huge fan of the idea, but it is the future. The fact that minimal hardware is required to stream cutting-edge gameplay means that making new, more powerful consoles won’t be a thing in the future, and if the timeline on game streaming is progressing as fast as developers want it to, we could see it emerge as the dominant method of gaming towards the typical end of the next console life cycle. So it might make sense to name the Playstation 5 simply the Playstation, if it does indeed transcend the necessity for a successor. Which leads me to…

The Xbox Elite

Likelihood: If Playstation 5 details are already leaking, Microsoft are going to want to get ahead in console news.

So, the Xbox One was already supposed to succeed in some of the philosophies I just pitched for the Playstation – not for streaming games, but for being an all-in-one platform that you kinda… kept. But things didn’t work out that way, and with the less-than-perfect history of the Xbox One, I can see Microsoft wanting to move away from that console. I think the Elite (they love that word so why not) will be similar to the Playstation in that it will adopt the idea of being the final, definitive version of the console. I also think there will be some more synergy with PCs and some sort of Microsoft native VR, with all the right buzzwords.

Hey, maybe the Xbox Elite will be able to play Epic Games Store games now. Har har, exclusives har.

Update: Moments after writing this Xbox announced Game Pass for PC and more Xbox games on Steam. Lol.

The Nintendo Switch Lite

Likelihood: As Thanos once said, “I am… inevitable.”

There’s already a lot of rumours going around for this one, and if you look at Nintendo’s history regarding consoles, it makes a lot of sense. Plus, with Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out this winter, a franchise which is historically a system seller, Nintendo are going to want to double down on the sales effort and make the entry point to those games more accessible for lower-income families. People speculate that the Lite would replace the modular design of the console with an all-in-one design to save on cost, with some going as far as saying that it’ll be handheld only to replace the 3DS, though I can’t see them removing every single thing about the Switch that makes it unique.

People also think a Switch Pro is coming, but all signs point to that being further down the pipeline. Maybe they’ll still announce it, but the release date will just be later. A theoretical Switch Pro would have higher specs and a higher selling price.

Nintendo Switch Online: SNES Games

Likelihood: Man, I don’t know anymore…

In some Nintendo executive’s desk drawer, there sits a machine. It’s a money printing machine, and it is labelled, “Virtual Console.” For whatever goddamn reason, that machine is remaining in that drawer. And man, does that make me sad. NSO comes with a library of NES games as an incentive for single-player gamers to subscribe to the service, with new titles being added each month. Which is nice. It’s better than nothing. And when Nintendo spoke about how they want to incentivise an NSO membership even more, a lot of us got excited about a potential SNES library. Personally, I wish it went all the way up through N64 and Gamecube, too. Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time on Switch? Y E S P L E A S E. But we got Tetris 99. Which is, you know, fun. But man. As someone who skipped the Wii U and was only introduced to Nintendo in 2004, I sure would love some Virtual Console in my life.

Animal Crossing Switch

Likelihood: I’ll probably cry if it’s not shown.

Last year, Nintendo announced Animal Crossing for the Switch shortly after a cheeky fakeout which announced Isabelle for Smash Bros. (I appreciate the reassurance, Nintendo.) Since then, nothing. And that’s, you know, fine. Take your time, polish that world, I’ll be living in it for years. But E3 this fated Nintendo Direct would be the perfect time to hear about it, and what’s nuts is that what originally seemed like it would take up most of the Direct, that being Super Mario Maker 2 and Pokemon Sword and Shield, were each moved to their own Directs. So what does that leave for the E3 Direct? ANIMAL CROSSING THAT’S WHO. And, uh, Switch Lite. They’d pair quite well, actually.

Metroid Prime Trilogy Remastered

Likelihood: Rumours, rumours.

Franchises which I’ve missed growing up: Most of Nintendo’s IPs. I’m educating myself on the Legend of Zelda. I’d like to educate myself on Metroid, too, please! I know virtually nothing about the series bar that it helped to spawn an entire subgenre of platformers. And I quite like that subgenre! Metroid Prime 4’s development got restarted a little while back, so it’d be nice for Metroid fans to have something to tide them over, too.

Super Mario 3D World on Switch

Likelihood: Literally nothing implies this will exist

Okay, now I’m just being greedy. I didn’t know how much I wanted an original 3D Mario game on Switch, until Odyssey blew me away. Then, I hungered for New Super Mario Bros U for the Switch, as I liked the DS and Wii ones – and it arrived! But what I really wanted was Super Mario Maker for the Switch. And boy it’s a-comin’! So really, I should be sated. We even got Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. But you know what? 3D World looks pretty neat! If they gave it a port – or a sequel – Nintendo can have my money. In the meantime, I could probably dust off my 3DS and play some more 3D Land, because I didn’t really touch that game…

More Legend of Zelda Ports and Remakes

Likelihood: Yeah, right.

Speaking of greed, hello, Link’s Awakening looks awesome, can I have more please? Because I never got to play, say, A Link to the Past, which I saw rumoured as a remake, or Wind Waker or Twilight Princess, which I saw rumoured as ports. I don’t really believe these rumours, but they sure would be nice.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay

Likelihood: Lowkey confirmed

I’ve yet to play a Star Wars game which has really grabbed me. I recognised the scope and authenticity of Knights of the Old Republic when I tried it, but it had already aged to a point by the time I got round to it, so I sort of bounced off of it. I’ve also never really been invested in a spin-off Star Wars story outside of the novels anyway, so Fallen Order will have to be something else to really grab my attention, but who knows, it might be cool.

LEGO Star Wars: The Ultimate Saga

Likelihood: Well, they’re making more LEGO Star Wars, but we don’t know in what form.

The LEGO Star Wars games are my favourite LEGO games of all time, and they were sort of my introduction to the Star Wars franchise when I was a kid. The idea of an Ultimate Saga game which combines Episodes I – IX into one package with ten thousand achievements is mouth watering! Out of all the rumours I’ve heard for this E3 season, I really hope that this one is true. I’m not sure it’s the kind of game which would be announced during a main stage presentation, though.

Halo Infinite

Likelihood: Decently likely? Overdue, at the very least!

This is a weird one for me, because with the announcement of the Master Chief Collection finally coming to PC, I’m suddenly wary of spoilers. Not just that, but it turns my reaction to a Halo Infinite deep dive from a “huh, neat” to an “oh man I can’t wait to play that… eventually.” Still, it’d be nice to bring Halo into mainstream relevance again, for the very least.

Prey 2

Likelihood: Well, it only makes sense.

Prey is visually stunning, narratively intriguing, and published by Bethesda. That is everything I know about that game. But I do own it! And I watched a friend stream some of it, which prompted the aforementioned purchase. It’s one of those games that I’m saving for when I really have time to give it all of my attention. So Prey 2 would be nice.

DOOM Eternal

Likelihood: Well, duh.

I recently learned that the Doom’s title isn’t supposed to be in all caps, that’s just the way it’s stylised in the logo. Ah well.

DOOM Eternal looks dope as hell, and I sit enraptured by it whenever they show new gameplay. I don’t know that they can show much more without getting too much into the meat of the game that the player will want to experience for themselves, but I doubt they’ll omit it. Maybe they’ll show off a new weapon or area, and a release date. Wait, it doesn’t have a solid release date yet?

Morrowind or Oblivion Remake

Likelihood: ednakrabappelha.gif

This is never going to happen. But damnit, I want it to! Not just a nip-and-tuck to the graphics (though you know I’d shit out coins for that too), but a decent overhaul to combat systems and graphical fidelity. Something that a separate team or studio could work on to keep fans happy while Bethesda plugs away at Elder Scrolls VI, and Starfield before it. Both of which have been confirmed not to appear at E3, by the way. Ah well.

Assassin’s Creed: Rome

Likelihood: We’ll see Assassin’s Creed. It won’t be Rome.

The favourite rumour for the next Assassin’s Creed setting is Vikings, but I would fucking love a trip to Ancient Rome. It’s perhaps one of the most famous and interesting eras of history, and it would feel like a natural bow to tie together a trilogy of ancient history Assassin’s Creed RPGs. But it’ll probably be Vikings, because Ubisoft are worried that Ancient Rome is too similar to Ancient Greece. And it’ll probably be cool as hell… whatever I guess… mutter mutter grumble grumble.

More Rayman!

Likelihood: Unlikely, but it’d be one of those reveals that has people going ohhhh yeahhh, nice!

It’s been a hot second since we thought about Rayman. The last Rayman game was Rayman Legends! So maybe another sequel in a similar vein. And you know what? I’d take a remaster trilogy of the older Raymans, too! Though the first game creeps me the hell out for reasons I can’t quite understand.

Dragon Quest Classics

Likelihood: Hey, remasters are all the rage nowadays…

I played some of the old Dragon Quests on my DS, and you know what? I’d play them some more on PC! Or Switch! Final Fantasy has been getting some remasters, remakes and ports – why not Dragon Quest? Though Dragon Quest XI is getting some love with Dragon Quest XI S.

Let’s call it there.

I’m probably forgetting something obvious, but for now that’s everything that I’m hoping to see from E3 2019! And, you know, EA Play and all of that bollocks. Shut up, companies, it’s E3.