Eggs, Amongst Other Things – Inkwell Week 2, An Animal Crossing Diary

The week began with Resident Services re-opening as a very familiar looking town centre! Not only that, but my old secretary Isabelle had also decided to come and share island life with us, working alongside Tom Nook in the Resident Services centre! The island immediately took on a whole new atmosphere, feeling less like a deserted island and more like a flourishing town. I felt more at home than ever.

I immediately set to designing a town flag (though I mean to improve it before showing it off here) and a familiar sounding town tune. I also began splitting Inkwell’s trees into fruit districts, so that certain fruits grew in certain areas – Nook’s Cranny is in the Cherry District, my house in the Peach District, etc etc. I still have a ways to go on that front but my most prolific foreign fruit so far is oranges, and they’re my main source of income besides tarantula hunting at the moment. It’s been a fairly fulfilling experience, though I expect I’ll be shuffling some trees around before I’m fully happy with my town layout.

Oh, and how could I forget – the Able Sisters set up shop! I recommended that they set up next to Timmy and Tommy, as they’ve done in the past. I’ve typically been against sticking buildings side-by-side in an overly planned way, but they just seem to go together, you know?

Last week I’d steadily been upgrading the size of my house, but this week that’s mostly been paused so that I can focus on improving the quality of life for all of us here on Inkwell by funding bridges and inclines. Gone are the days of constantly swapping tools to get from A to B, gone are the days of Norma having to brave sheer drops and rushing water just to make her way to the town centre. Thanks to my everyone on Inkwell’s hard work, two bridges and two inclines have been established, though I’d still like to add another bridge between the orange and cherry districts, and between Canberra and Tammi’s houses.

Speaking of Tammi, yesterday was her birthday! I got her a Red Biker Jacket as I think it’d look classy on her, and it seemed to go down well. Zucker was there too! I wasn’t aware that octopuses were such fans of cake, but I also wasn’t aware of their obsession with bugs, and Zucker certainly hasn’t slowed down on that front.

As the town continues to flourish, we’ve been drawing the appeal of new villagers! This week has seen the arrival of Henry the Frog – via the newly established campground – Whitney the Wolf, and the exceptionally oddly named Peewee the Gorilla. I was originally excited to find out that I’d gained a frog villager, but Henry’s attitude seems… well, he’s smug about practically everything he does. Still, I’m sure he’ll grow on me. Whitney seems nice, if a little snooty, but that’s fine, I’m used to snooty, Queenie followed me around for years! As for Peewee… I’ve yet to really talk to him all that much, but his voice is so deep it gives me goosebumps, so there’s that.

Oh, and Bunny Day is here! Well, it’s more like a Bunny Fortnight, nowadays. I’ve yet to find Zipper T. Bunny around, which is odd because I’ve heard that other people have been speaking to him… but there’s been no shortage of egg related shenanigans taking place. They’re in the trees, in the ground, in the ocean, in the leaves, and every twenty seconds they’re in the frickin SKY! Seriously! It’s been so hard to get things done when you just hear wooshing every other moment! On your way to pick oranges? Woooosh. On your way to donate fossils? Wooooosh. Trying to decide what to do next? Wooooooosh.

Make. It. Stop!

Anyway, next week I have my final two animals moving in, Chevre and Pierce. I met Pierce on a deserted island visit, and he seems pretty cool! I imagine he’ll get on excellently with Coach. Both neighbours should be arriving today, in any case. I plan to spend the next week focusing on touching up the island with little flourishes, such as decorations, and maybe some paths…

See you then!


My Final Days in Canvas Town – An Animal Crossing Diary #0

I’m wandering the town of Canvas tonight with newfound appreciation for the smaller details. Rather than the usual tour of rocks, trees, and shops on main street, I’ve taken extra time out of my day to talk to the villagers, appreciate the flowers, and just take in the evening, You see, in less than two weeks I’ll be departing Canvas for new horizons, and I’ve been so excited about it that I’ve barely taken the time to stop and consider the fact that I’ll be leaving my home town of seven years, unlikely to return save for the occasional visit. My term as mayor will effectively be over.

I decide to pick up some stationary from T.I.Y before it closes. I’ll be drafting out letters to all my villagers over the course of the next few days saying my farewells, and they’ve already seen the notice I put up last month regarding my imminent departure. But tonight I’m struck by a sense of sentimentality, and knowing that I’m likely to take a trip back to Canvas sometime in the next few years, I decide for my first letter to be to none other than my future self, the one who will be looking back on these days fondly.


Afterwards, I take a halfhearted browse of the rest of T.I.Y’s wares, as well as today’s Able Sisters merchandise. I run into Goldie and buy myself some skeleton pants, knowing full well that I won’t complete the set before March 20th – I just want the Able Sisters to know that I value them. I return to town, muddle around a bit, pass the time of day with Pinky, Crackle and Ed, and do some fishing, not really hoping to catch anything. I’m listless and reminiscent as my legs take me by Queenie’s place.


She senses what’s on my mind immediately, and encourages me to take in the town while I still can. The future may be exciting, but Canvas has been my home for years, and for good reason. We’ve had some good times here. Queenie is also my oldest friend, having lived in most of my previous towns, too, from when I was young. I think she fancies herself something of a big sister to me.


As far as I’m aware, Queenie has no plans of moving from Canvas any time soon, though she could always surprise me on the 20th – it wouldn’t be the first time. Either way, she is reading my mind tonight in ways that only an old friend can. I’ve said nothing of my aimless wanderings around Canvas tonight, but she’s in much the same mind as me.


She’s right, though. Canvas, Taymar, and other towns which came before, they’ve all contributed positively to my life to help shape who I am today. I’d be a fool to sit here and dwell on times long past, lest current days pass me by, and fade into the past themselves. And as for the future… I know it’s going to be great, but I can’t just sit around waiting for it to get here. I should savour every day of Canvas which remains in my present, and that means…


Some habits never die. I may not be taking the bells with me to my new island home in a few weeks, but it’s always nice to line my pockets with Canvas currency while I’m still here – and besides, I’ll need to spending money for my return visits!


Either way, I think Tom is ready for whatever the future has in store.

[The History of Glimmerside – A Cities: Skylines Diary] Chapter 1: Economic Ruin

The year is 2018. The governmental forces that be have decided that I am to develop and claim mayor-ship over a new town in the county of Riverrun. I have minimal experience developing towns, but enamoured by the prospect of making my mark on the world, I accept. This can only go well.

I name the town Glimmerside, after the glimmering river beside which the town will be made. I immediately spend three months trying to plan a symmetrical layout with two grids for residential and industry, and eventually give up on perfection. I also neglect to pause the game until houses have been constructed and residents start moving in, complaining at me for the lack of power and water. I set up basic systems for both, almost bankrupting myself in the process, before realising that I have perhaps started too big. Oops.

Er… room for expansion?

I sustain my industry with the bare necessities and watch as my funds plunge to less than $500 during construction, barely evening out into profitable territory in time. I muddle along at a snail’s pace, my entire town earning as much as maybe one full time employee on minimum wage per day, before the governmental powers that be notice that I’ve reached 460 residents – an apparent milestone – and award me twenty grand, apparently blind to all else that is happening in Glimmerside. I almost choke in relief.

It’s not all sunshine and daisies from there, though. After extending my pipes, building some extra wind turbines, and creating a landfill for the whinging masses, I find myself running low on funds again. I use the last of them to make a long-overdue sewage pipe (down-river from the water intake, I’m not stupid), and sit back while my city turns out enough money for me to progress. Something’s wrong, though. My profits are suddenly dwindling. Glimmerside is losing citizens due to crime. I haven’t hit 900 population yet, so I’m not allowed to build a police station. Glimmerside is essentially a lawless place, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

You never want to see that much red.

I take out a loan. The crime rate continues to skyrocket. Citizens continue to move away, distancing me from my goals of being able to build a police station. Abandoned houses litter the streets. Desperate, I try to make citizens happier. I build a medical clinic. I build another wind turbine to stop blackouts. I demolish abandoned buildings and add more trees – people like trees, right? But nothing works. The sewage is backing up again. Bandits parade brazenly through the streets. I’m in debt, and utterly unable to pay back my loan. I can’t see that I’m missing anything else; Glimmerside was doomed the moment I built those massive grids. With a smaller population, crime and budget may not be such an issue. But I bit off more than I could chew.

Glimmerside was doomed. Alternative methods would have to found…


In part 2, I attempt to fix Glimmerside and wean myself off of the Unlimited Money budget, so begrudgingly bestowed upon me by the very realistically generous government.