Ah, The Ol’ Redirect

So since I got this PC, I’ve also upgraded to Windows 10 and with it, have gained the function to record the last 30 seconds of my gameplay and save it as a video file. As somebody who loves sharing their gaming moments, this is like crack to me. Initially, I simply uploaded the videos as 30 second soundless gifs to my Twitter whenever I wanted to share something, but Twitter is an unreliable snowflake and this would often take many attempts to upload without crashing.

After a quick bit of problem solving, I commandeered an old, abandoned Youtube channel of mine and repurposed it. If you want to see gaming clips from yours truly, head on over to this channel and have a gander. I must stress, however, that the context for these clips will usually be in an accompanying tweet, and subscribing to the channel on its own might not yield enjoyment. So if you’re interested, maybe look at my Twitter instead.

Well, that wasn’t much of a blog post.

Okay, so the issue is that since last week, all I’ve been playing is more WoW and Saints Row, so I really don’t have anything to talk about. Like, at all. So I must apologise for the lack of a proper gaming blog post this week. This is usually the easier of the two blogs to write for!

Speaking of two blogs, I did write a bonus blog post this morning, if you’re interested in that. Here is a linkeroo.

This time next week, the new World of Warcraft expansion will have been out for two whole days. Assuming that the launch has gone well, you’ll likely be hearing about it, so just a head’s up if that’s not your cup of tea! I might try to fit in a bonus blog post about another game sometime in the next 2 weeks, lest this blog become scarce of content.


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