Murder Time, Fun Time! (Saints Row 3 and 4)

Default Male Voice 1 is the most charismatic and likeable mass murderer I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing in a videogame. Whereas some series, like GTA, strive to make the characters likeable during cutscenes and dialogue, this often fails to represent their actions when you play as them in the game world. The Boss of the Saints / President of the United States is a casual mass-murderer and he knows it, and yet radiates none of the painful insane vibes that other games which go for the character realism tone do. Saints Row is a videogame. It knows it, you know it, and so we can all go about our business and enjoy the characters we play as and with. And honestly, the characters in these two games are one of the main reasons I love to play them so much.

No, no, we can’t be having that!

I’ve played through all of Saints Row 3 on PS3, and around half of Saints Row 4 there, too, but when I got my new PC I was finally able to play them on my favoured platform (for I’d already bought them on a laptop that, it turned out, couldn’t run them.) There aren’t many games nowadays that I can sit and play for hours on end, but Saints Row 3 is one of them, and it was with much enjoyment and merely a few long sessions of gaming that I completed, for the third time, the story of Saints Row 3. I also got to play the DLC for the first time ever; Gangstas in Space was very enjoyable and probably my favourite, whilst The Trouble With Clones was fun and Genkibowl VII fell surprisingly short of expectations, perhaps because it lacked the (albeit ridiculous) narrative I strive for.

So like… where’s my front bumper gone?

I debated completion, but that one challenge to taunt 50 gang members (and thus get a gang wanted level and have to clear it 50 separate times) before completely taking over the city somewhat put me off. And besides, I’d already completed all city takeover gameplay once, on the PS3. Without further ado, then, I hopped on to Saints Row 4, where the story fully embraces the absurd direction it was taking in its prequel and introduces aliens into the mix, as well as turning your character into the President of the United States… with superpowers. A lot of people didn’t like the direction that Saints Row 4 took, particularly due to it revisiting the same open world as the previous game, but I personally enjoy the shit out of it and think that your powers open up new elements of the map and how you interact with it. It’s one of the best superhero games going, and I’ll never turn down a sci-fi comedy. As with its predecessor, I can play Saints Row 4 for hours on end, and personally prefer the city takeover gameplay in this title.

Ah… it’s good to be the President.

I also own Gat Out of Hell, and I’ll surely be giving that a go when I’ve completed Saints Row 4. I remember seeing a developer preview of the title and while it certainly looks different, I’m sure I’ll enjoy playing it all the same, even if I will miss playing as Default Male Voice 1. Erm… I mean, as the President of the United States.



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