Update on the PC

Huh? Oh, right, yeah, the blog post. Well, here’s the thing: My laptop’s doomed. If I try to run anything more intensive than, say, Minecraft, the poor machine flares into a ball of starfire and shuts itself down. Naturally, then, I’ve not been playing much other than Pokemon Black. Go and read that chain of tweets if you’re eager for some sort of gaming content from me today! (Er… just bear in mind that my comedy is based somewhat on profane overreaction in my Twitter feed.)

Now… I said the PC would be up and running by Tuesday. Well, it’s Thursday, and it’s all here, but I (rather stupidly) didn’t forsee the thing coming without the graphics card and motherboard being pre-installed. Now, I’m rather nifty with the software side of things, but hardware is an entirely different story, and as this is a rather pricey piece of equipment and computer innards are as susceptible to breakage as a British government is to self-sabotage, I’ve enlisted someone to help me. They’ll be out on Saturday.

In the meantime, I’ll be in the corner twiddling my thumbs and giving my 3DS the love it deserves.


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