An Unexpected Surprise (10,000,000)

10,000,000 is a game I picked up through the 14th Humble PC and Android Bundle. It’s a game that’s been on the edge of my radar for a few years, and every time I’ve clicked over to it out of renewed curiosity, I’ve left without much of an impression being made on me. For one, I typically prefer Match-3 games where you swap tiles instead of sliding the whole column or row across, and furthermore, it initially looked difficult to concentrate on matching specific tiles on the board in order to correspond with what was happening above. It was, however, in the fabled first tier of a Humble Bundle, and as such seemed like a purchase worth making.

For once in my misguided purchasing history, I was right!

You may be locked in a dungeon, but at least they gave you a bed. And shops!

A game which is somewhat similar (if not more advanced) than 10,000,000 is Puzzle Quest, a game which I bought a little while previously in the hopes of finding the perfect RPG / Match-3 hybrid. 10,000,000, however, far surpasses Puzzle Quest in my eyes, mostly because of its simpler nature. Everything you need to know about 10,000,000 is presented to you within its tileset, and whilst choosing between certain abilities and upgrades is admittedly part of the RPG experience, 10,000,000’s simple upgrade system (where you can eventually choose all of them) is, in my opinion, better suited to the Match-3 genre. And plus, it has achievements. That’ll always help rope me in.

Here’s the character upgrade screen. As you can see, I’ve unlocked everything. I’m pretty resourceful!

Bear in mind that 10,000,000 is something of a short game, as I’m approaching the end at 5 hours in. These have, however, been a very satisfying 5 hours thus far, and it may help that I also picked up its sequel, You Must Build A Boat, in the second tier of the Humble Bundle. In 10,000,000, I have so far completely upgraded my staff and fully upgraded my character’s skills. Sure, it’d be nice if the game were a little longer, but in all honesty there’s nothing to stop you from continuing to play the base game when you’ve fully upgraded every attribute of your character and his gear, and trying to get the highest score that you can. This is one of those games that I enjoy playing whilst listening to a podcast or two.

This might be the first game I’ve seen where poison damage is achieved through magic.

I’m aware that this has blog post has been about half its usual length so far, but that’s because there’s not too much I can find to talk about when it comes to a 5 hour long, fairly minimal Match-3 game, no matter how much I enjoy it. I’m going to use this space, then, to talk about the upcoming events in World of Warcraft and how that will affect this blog.

As you may know, I’m an avid WoW player. It’s my jam. I feel at home in this game, fully attuned to every aspect of it (apart from maybe PvP), have played thousands of hours in it, and will therefore be blogging about it over the next few weeks and months. In a few days, the pre-expansion patch will have released, bringing with it all of the changes to the base game that will be coming to the game along with the expansion; this includes class abilities / rotations, quality of life updates like the new transmog system, and much more. In the coming weeks after that, they’ll be releasing the pre-expansion events, including the demon invasion and the Broken Shore scenario, and eventually access to Demon Hunters ahead of the expansion’s release on August 30th.

Here’s the thing. I know that statistically, most of the people who read this blog won’t be WoW players (which is the same reason why I have a separate Twitter account for my WoW ramblings). I don’t want to drive people away with blog post after blog post of WoW updates. Therefore, apart from maybe the launch of Legion which would be covered like any other game, I’ll be putting out additional blog posts regarding the pre-patch and its events if I feel inclined to do so in the first place.


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