A Sensible, Concentrated Post on One Game

I have been playing way too many games simultaneously to really focus on one this week, and given that it’s my birthday and I’m going to be busy for most of the day, I think I’ll just list off what I’ve been playing and why!

World of Warcraft – The Early Levelling Update

Me mighty cow man. Mighty cow man goes ‘moo’.

In a recent hotfix to the game, Blizzard went back and fine-tuned the 1 – 40 levelling experience. After many years of focusing almost entirely on the balance of the endgame experience, Blizzard admitted that they had woefully neglected that actual first time player’s levelling experience, and have finally begun tweaking damage, mob health and xp gains so that the creatures of the world actually put up a fight, rather than dying in one or two hits – even without heirlooms. (Heirlooms are levelling gear that can be bought for large sums of gold and are account-wide; they scale with your level and provide hefty bonuses to xp gained.)

With this update in mind, I decided to create a new character and try the early levelling experience out for myself. In order to keep the experience as fresh as possible, I chose the alternate faction to my typical choice, and chose a specialisation I was not familiar with (for I’ve played every class a decent amount at this point). Thus, Golgore the Arms Warrior was born.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Up until now, I’d never realised just how much having heirloom gear takes away from the game, in that most of the gear you receive is useless to you. It’s wonderful to actually have rewarding quests that you look forward to handing in, and quest bosses which take a bit of concentration to get through. Things are still far from challenging, but as this is the early levelling experience, I’m sure that’s no mistake.


There’s not actually too much to be said about this one which hasn’t already been said in my recent blog post on Runescape. I’ve still been playing a whole bunch of the game, and my current target is to get every level to at least 60 (I managed a minimum of 50 a few weeks ago).

AdVenture Capitalist

Much as it may look like it, I’ve not spent a penny on microtransactions!

Oh no. Why did I open this game up again.

AdVenture Capitalist will ruin your life. It’ll turn you into a gaunt shell of a human being who checks the time wherever you are, wondering if your investments have made enough cash for you to buy 57 more Car Washes to hit your next milestone target and triple your Car Wash income. You’ll be biting your nails, anxiously waiting for the moment when you earn enough money for your angel investors to peak, hopefully to a point where your next playthrough will be even more lucrative. And have you earned enough money to exchange for a mega-buck yet? Because 10 of those babies will give you a golden ticket, and applying THAT to a business leads to more profits than you can shake an unsexagintillionth dollar at!

Well, anyway, when I first saw this free game, I looked at the achievements and thought, that sounds like an easy 100%. And, woe be to me, I was dreadfully wrong – especially when they added an extra planet and with it, more achievements to the game. Actually, that’s around the time I stopped playing, out of anger. But since I opened it back up the other day, I’ve been churning out more profits than ever before. Today, they’ve released an event, which is essentially a new planet that’s only available for a short amount of time, and awards you mega bucks, cosmetic badges and even gold (the buyable currency for impatient people) depending on how far through you get. Which reminds me, I should really check in on my businesses and make sure they’re running at optimal efficiency…

LEGO: Marvel Superheroes

It’s okay, Hulk. We know you can’t help it 😦

LEGO games are great. I’ve already discussed my childhood love for LEGO Star Wars, and I’ve also already written a blog post about this game. Well, since that blog post I’ve finished the story mode, taken a quick break to finish university and have since delved back in to work towards 100% completion. Having criticised the lack of variety in gold brick missions before, I now feel somewhat guilty in realising that I’d simply been doing the same type of mission over and over again… woops.

I’m 25 hours into the game and I’m only on around 55% overall completion, according to the game’s calculations. There’s still plenty of characters to unlock, gold bricks to collect and an almost futile amount of studs to collect – my x3000 multiplier has made any stud sink irrelevant – and I’m sure I’ll be sad when it’s over.


I found a planet called Bobermus. BOBERMUS.

Spore? Why Spore? Well, I had a hankering for a good space exploration game, and Spore has always fit the bill for me there. So long as you cheat yourself money in so you don’t have to bother with endlessly flying between colonies for spice, and you’re not afraid to genocide some arrogant race into next week’s moral crisis, you’re all good. I’ve been expanding outwards from the center of the galaxy rather than inwards for two reasons. One, I’m interested in what it’s like towards the end of one of those spirals (probably not that different, I just think it’d be cool). And two, I can’t be bothered to deal with the Grox yet. (They’re basically Spore’s Daleks.)

I’ve also been messing around with the creature creator for a bit, in an effort to populate my galaxy with races that aren’t generic or have lowercase names. (It is INFURIATING!) I’ve created one sensible creature and two monstrosities. If you have Spore, you can search for ‘krazyk095’ (an old username) to see my beautiful creations, including my earliest ones from 2008. For now, though, I’ll leave you with this adorable little fellow.

I think he likes you!

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