Jaina! Versus? Pyro! (Hearthstone and Team Fortress 2)

Having been more than a little busy lately, I’ve had less time for gaming. I’ve still made time, of course, I’m not that much of a responsible human being, but I’ve not played much more than my go-to World of Warcraft and, since they released their new graphics / engine overhaul this month, a bit of Runescape on the side. But I’m not here to talk about MMOs today.


I’ve started playing two games over the past few evenings. (For I still have deadlines! Mornings/afternoons are for writing.) The first of which is Hearthstone.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft with my friend Kiritoya for years. In fact, I kinda introduced him to the game. He’d already played the free 20 levels, but he decided to join up with me when we started during Mists of Pandaria, and I had a little bit of experience playing the Burning Crusade many years before. It is only fitting, then, that he introduce me to Hearthstone in the same way that I ruined enhanced his life by encouraging him to play WoW with me. And so, just like those young Night Elf Druids making their way through Teldrassil many thousands of hours of gameplay before, I set out on my mission to learn and conquer Hearthstone.

It’s only been 2 days, though, so I’m still pretty useless.

But hey, I won 2 games to get my 5 extra Old Gods card packs! I followed a basic deck building guide for Mage and went from there. I also customised the basic Warlock deck to try and accomodate C’Thun, and so far I’ve won 1/4 games  with that, so either I’m unlucky or I should just stick to the guides like any sane newbie would. In fact, I’m not sure what prompted me to try and build an Old Gods card deck so early on. All I know is that the whispers… to conquer… to kill my friends… the flesh…

Hearthstone Screenshot 04-27-16 17.44.47
Kiri and I had a pretty fun, drawn-out game. I turned his Deathwing, Dragonlord into a sheep. His rage sustained me. (He won though.)

Moving swiftly on, I’ve also been playing Team Fortress 2 with my friend Reecus. He’s rather good as an engineer, and I’m a pretty nifty Pyro if I do say so myself. The difference is that he actually changes his class based on what our team needs whereas I hug my Pyro close and tight where I can actually play the game without dying horrendously every 5 seconds. I’m still a team player, though! I’ve captured a fair few objectives in my time. And my corpse has defended their position. And in that, I’m not alone.

Alas, poor Reecus. I knew him well.

One thing we noticed was that the community here was a little less hostile than that of, say, CS:GO. I only saw somebody get ridiculed for their choice of gun once instead of fifty thousand times, and because the scoreboard doesn’t show kill/death ratios then it’s a little harder for people to pick out the worst players and kick them for being ‘carried’. That being said, me, Reecus and Kiritoya (who later joined us) were actually consistently middling. I’m not sure how the score is calculated, exactly, but it sure worked out well for us. But, yes, in general, it was a better atmosphere to play in, and I didn’t see any cries of ‘bullshit!’ and subsequent rage-quitting.

Oh. Except for that guy.

(Side note: I’ve been referring to my friends by their usernames because they’re both called Reece. It really makes life very difficult sometimes. I’m campaigning for one of them to change their names to Esmerelda or something.)

I’ve not really played a hero-based shooter before, and as somebody with a healthily vague interest in Overwatch (I have not pre-ordered it), getting into Team Fortress 2 a little bit has given me more cause to consider Blizzard’s new IP. Of course, further factors such as recommended specifications and attitude of the community will also play a big part in whether I eventually pick up the game or not, but for now, I’m happy to gleefully set people on fire over and over again in Team Fortress 2.


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