The Studly Superhero

As I’ve already mentioned in a parallel dimension, I’ve been very into the whole superhero / graphic novel thing as of late. I’ve also been into LEGO games, and as anyone following gaming would likely know, they’ve recently released a new LEGO superhero game – LEGO Marvel Avengers!

So anyway, I’ve been playing LEGO Marvel Superheroes instead.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes is fantastic, four many reasons. It exceeds x-mentations on multiple levels, such as the light plot, comedic narrative, and Avengeful cast of characters. I remember already being impressed with the list, and then it scrolled down to reveal more… and switched portraits to show variable skins. The puzzles are easy, of course, and the sense of reward and accomplishment from the myriad of collectibles is essentially crack. This is the kind of game that I highly anticipate going for 100% completion in.

It does fall down in some places. Whilst the open world is reminiscent of PS2 games such as the Spider-Man movie adaptions, it is also somewhat bland. Many of the citizen side-missions are similar, some of them asking you to simply find a character and bring them back to the quest-giver… and don’t run too fast, or you’ll lose them and have to start over. And the flying feels odd, as well. I’ve not yet piloted any flying vehicles (which I assume exist based on other reviews), but flying characters control very strangely. They’ll sometimes take a moment to register that you’ve told them to fly higher or lower, causing you to press B twice and stop flying altogether – very frustrating in racing side-missions.

That being said, other than minor nuisances and a slightly bland open-world, this game is still worthy of hours of your time. The open-world, whilst not the richest environment in a video-game, is still a huge step upwards from older LEGO games like LEGO Star Wars, and not a bad time-waster or sandbox to romp around in with your freshly purchased super-villains.

The levels themselves are as well-constructed and as fun as ever. There’s always plenty of things to come back to in free play, a mode wherein you can switch to any character you’ve unlocked to utilise powers you wouldn’t otherwise have, to finish up some collectibles. Whilst that may sound like a chore, when the game has legitimately fun replay-value it turns out to be anything but. Story mode offers good comedy, fighting (although sometimes I just want to punch a guy instead of watch a 10 seconds KO animation), easy puzzles which give you a real sense of progression through the level. There’s 15 main story levels in all (I’ve done 10), split into sections with save points that allow you to hop off and take a break – I’d say about each of these sections is maybe the length of the old LEGO Star Wars levels, or perhaps a little shorter.

It’s just good fun. And it’s given me renewed motivation to play LEGO Lord of the Rings and LEGO Harry Potter, having not played the former due to having not seen the movies yet (I’ve now seen the first 2), and having given up on the latter due to the overly cheerful feel of the early Harry Potter movies being magnified a hundred-fold in the game. That might sound like a bit of an odd remark to make, and I can’t really put my finger on why it bothers me, but I’m sure that once I make it past that hurdle it’ll be smooth sailing.


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