Introducing Categories

Just a quick little blog post to let you know I’ve created categories for my blog posts. This wouldn’t matter, except it gives a kind of structure to the posts I’ll be writing. The categories are as follows:

About Blog: Self explanatory. You’re reading one.

Game Impressions: I hesitate to call them reviews, as I’m not so much critically evaluating a game on its range of merits and drawbacks as I am simply describing my experience and light opinion of it. But, yes, these are basically those posts. These can also pertain to my thoughts on franchises, like Pokemon.

Gaming Industry: Any blog posts I write regarding the gaming industry will fall under this category. I’ve done a few in the past, but I haven’t recently and I don’t really plan on doing many in the near future. It is, however, a subject I can see myself writing about often, should my interest fall that way again.

Game Journeys: Do you remember Sven x Camilla, A Skyrim Misadventure? I want to write more blog posts like that. Indeed, this week’s blog post is another “Game Journey”. I find them exceedingly fun to write. They’ll typically have more screenshots than other blog posts, and focus on one event (or series of events) in a game presented in a (hopefully) comedic manner. They are narrative threads as opposed to thoughts pertaining to the game itself.

Other: In an attempt to quell stagnancy via conforming only to the above categories, this one exists for anything else I wish to write about gaming. For example, “Passive Roleplaying”.

So, ah, that’s that. Today’s blog post will follow shortly.


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