New Blog Theme!

Hey there,

So if you’re reading this from the website then you’re already staring at the new theme for the blog. The previous one was only ever meant to be temporary until I worked on it some more. This one’s better, as it’s somewhat darker and has a sidebar to use.

This theme may look quite simple, but it actually took all morning to figure out. I’m aware that the header isn’t very gaming oriented, but believe me, I tried. I even made a banner which I wasn’t able to end up using:

32 Bit Brain

And I experimented with a few logos too. But it matters not. The blog actually looks like it has some sort of rhyme or reason to it now, rather than the default simply thrown on. There’s room for improvement, certainly, but without much knowledge (or the ownership of) Photoshop, or designing banners, or that kind of thing, there’s not much more I can do.

See you on Thursday!


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