Weekly Updates!

Hello there! I’m Kristian Richmond. You may recognise me from other barely updated blogs, such as 32 Bit Brain and Perpetually Perturbed!

That’s not how I want to be presenting myself. Therefore, I’ve gone ahead and committed myself to the idea of – say it with me – weekly updates! Hardly the most original of concepts but a damn frightening one if I do say so myself! It is frankly ridiculous how little content I’ve produced for this blog, however, and as gaming is something I’ve grown more and more involved in (the less conservative description would be obsessed with), I’ve decided that it’s time to stop sitting on my arse all day playing video games and start… ah… sitting on my arse all day, writing about video games!

Small steps, eh?

This gaming blog will be updated every Thursday until the end of my tether AHEM I mean, the end of time. Whilst I won’t be doing reviews as such, I will be placing my thoughts and experiences about individual games here on 32 Bit Brain, as well as nattering about game theory and the industry as a whole. Think the Dude Soup Podcast but with less Soup and one Dude.

And less enticing gameplay.

What an advertisement.

I will also be updating my mother base blog, Perpetually Perturbed! You should be able to do a quick clickeroo to it any other time by looking at the header. Don’t scroll up yet, though, I’ve not told you the days we’ll be updating. The blog posts for Perpetually Perturbed will be appearing on Tuesdays, because nothing really happens on a Tuesday. The blog posts for 32 Bit Brain, however, will be appearing on Thursdays, because nothing really happens on a Thursday, either, but it’s a little bit closer to the end of the week, the fabled time for video game happenings in a working gamer’s quaint abode.

And with that… terrifying promise, I will end this announcement! I look forward to seeing you back here on Thursday, should you wish to partake in my ramblings about different arrangements of pixels.


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